The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Throughout history, religion and politics have played a vital role in shaping civilizations. Politics determine who will run the country and religion will always be a factor on how that country is run. Religion and politics go hand in hand and can determine the overall outcome of a community. The Roman Empire is a prime example of how a civilization relies on the structure of the government and religious beliefs. As the leaders of the empire became morally unstable, the citizens followed soon after. Rome’s government fell victim to self corruption and political anarchy. The government focused on the needs of the elites rather than the majority of its citizens. The rise of Christianity also contributed to the downfall of the empire. Christianity went against the Roman religion by teaching that there was only one God rather than many. The corruption of Rome’s political and religious systems led to the collapse of the Ancient Roman Empire.
Famous historian Aelius Aristides praised the Roman empire for its success rather than focus on the empires decline. He congratulates Romans for doing things that had never been done before and inspiring the rest of the world to do things bigger and better.. Aristides makes the statement that people of the world are known as Roman or non-Roman. He admires the Roman way of life and encourages his readers to live life to the fullest, the Roman way. Although the lifestyle of the Roman citizens is appealing to the eye, a civilization living a…

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