The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The Roman Empire was the largest and most powerful political state in the western civilization. However, Rome has not always been an Empire. It developed from only a small town and expanded after time to one of the most influential Empire around the Mediterranean sea. Inspired by the drive to expand and by the nature of absorbing other cultures into their own, they created an innovative spirit, which transformed the rural Europe into urban areas. These achievements could not have been achieved without the contribution of the famous roman army and the Emperor Augustus.
Augustus transformed Rome during his reign of Pax Romana to its glory times by providing peace and prosperity. (The making the west)
Despite all the achievements and territorial power, the Golden Age in Rome did not last long. Stricken by civil wars and financial crisis, Romes Golgen age gradually crumbled. Until today, historians still debate about the reasons and causes of the imperial decline.
One of the main factors that contributed to the fall of Rome was the excessive military expanses, which lead to an economic crisis, inefficient leadership and the rise of christianity in the Empire. In the beginning of the third century excessive military expenses resulted to the weakening of the Empire. Attacks from the north and especially from its old enemy Persia caused the Emperor to increase army defense to protect its border. Marcus Aurelius, the present Emperor replied to these threats from the new Persian…

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