Essay on The Rise of the Papacy

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The Rise of the Papacy

Barry Blankenship

CHHI 301 - History of the Christian Church I
Professor – Dr. Jeffrey S. Mayfield
February 20, 2012

The Fall of A Great Empire and the Rise of the Papacy
Before the fall of the Roman Empire you must stop and look at the power that was held within the millions of miles of land, building, people, cities, kings, and customs. The Roman Empire was not known for being just another city or empire but it was known for its strength, power and victories in the times of conflict and wars. The roman empire was built up to what it was right up until the fall by powerful kings and rulers who never imagined that the once untouchable empire would one day fall but not everyone had that same mind set of
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Those of the west were mostly speaking the Greek language while those of the east were primarily speaking Latin.
The Rise to Power
Todd Fletcher writes in his article for about the rise of the Papacy in Rome and he says that, in 366 the Bishop of Rome was Damasus I, who was known as the founder of the Papacy in Rome. He had a high view of Rome and of his position as Patriarch of Rome. As stated earlier, Damasus believed that he had received direct authority by Jesus Christ through Peter, and that every Bishop of Rome held “the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” This, in turn, made Rome the most influential city in all of Christendom. His ideas had an extreme impact on his successors, so much so, that in AD 495 a synod of Rome hailed the Pope (meaning ‘father’ first used by Siricius) as the “Vicar (substitute) of Christ.” Around the time of Damasus there was no strong leadership in Rome, which only served to impart even more power to the Roman Catholic Church. A century later, there was no emperor in Western Empire. Leo I was the Pope who reigned from 440 to 461 AD. Leo I was known as “the most resolute, able, and successful. The lack of leadership created an issue because the problems of the time were then left up to the Catholic Church to solve and to create a plan to fix the issues but at the same time other Issues began to arise of others planning attacks on Rome so Leo make a decision to try and change the mind of those who were

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