The Rise Of The Great Depression Essay

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What we think of as the Great Depression did in fact begin after the stock market crash, but is not to be blamed for the total destruction of America’s economy. The underlying economic conditions in the U.S before “the crash” were not as peachy as Americans led them on to be. The 1920’s consisted of large-scale domestic consumption of products, but was fueled by credit and installment buying, which allowed people to live way outside their means. Meanwhile, the agriculture of our country suffered tremendously throughout the 1920’s because farms had expanded during World War I to help provide the troops with food. Secondly, the expansion forced farmers to turn to heavy machinery, which destroyed soil and left farmers in extreme debt. People turned to the government for relief during one of the largest financial crisis’ in American history, which left both Republican president Herbert Hoover and democratic president FDR up for the task. Both presidents drew from their ideas on federal power in hopes of solving the problems created by the Great Depression, but Roosevelt dealt with the government and the people of the United States a lot better than the previous president, Herbert Hoover.
(BANKS)In 1928, Hoover, a famous mining engineer was elected president from the Republican Party. Herbert Hoover’s beliefs consisted of a balanced federal budget, foreign trade, and strong tariff policies. He was very opposed to regulating business and believed that the government should…

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