The Rise Of The First Crusade Essay example

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The First Crusade had many parties involved like the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Byzantine citizens. From these parties, Muslims and Christians had both unfavorable views of each other and antagonistic relationships. The relationship between the Christians and Jews was one of the killer and killed and the Jews reacted with dread, terror, and resentment. The Byzantine emperor considered the Christians family and considered the thought of killing them in battle “fratricide” . During the First Crusade, every different religion involved, such as the Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Byzantines considered other groups their enemy, therefore, all of these people had contradicting perspectives and accounts on the First Crusade especially the victors.
Fulcher of Chartres represented the Christian outlook on the First Crusade. According to Fulcher of Chartres, the motivation for the First Crusade was to “aid your brethren dwelling in the East” because it was God’s will. In Fulcher’s eyes, this was not seen as a selfish purpose, instead he believed they were following God’s will by looking to “… exterminate this vile race from our lands and to aid the Christian inhabitants…” The soldiers and knights were made to believe that their purpose was holy and by fighting they would be absolved of their sins and gain entrance into Heaven. The Christians believed they were victorious because God was supporting them and that their cause was just.
Ibn Al-Athir accounted the Muslim perspective…

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