The Rise Of The Civil War Essay

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Over 600,000 men died in the bloodiest war in United States history, the Civil War. Leading up to the Civil War, tensions were high between the North and South. Overall, the Civil War was caused by a combination of issues, such as the difference of the industrialized economy in the North, the agricultural economy of the South, and the morality of slavery, that divided the country during the mid 1800s. Furthermore, economics brought tensions to be higher than they were before.
Due to a difference in economies, the Northern economy produced more items because of the industrial growth at that time and railroads becoming widespread throughout all of the North. Therefore, it was the North that gained more profit than the Southern economy due to these reasons. However, the South was angered that the North gained more profit because the South was reliant on the North for many everyday items. As stated in Documents A and B, the North had far more railroads connecting cities because the North was becoming industrialized and the economy was growing, whereas the Southern economy was based of off farming and slave labor. In addition, the North earned more profits than the South because the railroads were able to transfer goods. Moreover, the North also had more workers working in factories, so they made a larger profit than the South. In Document A, the first image shows the lack of railroads in the South, and a profusion of railroads in the North. In the second image in Document A,…

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