Essay on The Rise Of The British Empire

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At the start of the twentieth century, even though the British Empire was still considered the most powerful empire, nations all around the world began vying for control. One could describe the situation as a global arms race that lasted until World War I erupted in 1914 and official sides were taken. Even though the war ended four years later with a semblance of peace, “Its unfinished political and military business laid the foundation for an even greater world war that began in 1939” (Showalter).
Compared to the other nations, Germany had an insatiable thirst for power. They believed that once they accomplished “continental hegemony” that they would have a good chance of accumulating world domination (Showalter). In an attempt to gain power, Germany partnered up with Austria-Hungary and formed what was known as the Central Powers. The opposing side that wanted to stop Germany from taking control was called the Entente Powers which consisted of France, Britain, and Russia. They believed that with their combined efforts, the Central Powers would be fairly easy to defeat. At this point, “war was not only expected” but “it was even desired in certain circles” (Showalter). And even though the assassination of Hapsburg archduke Franz Ferdinand wasn’t the direct cause of the war, it was however the tipping point for all nations involved. Consequently, in early August of 1914 the Central and Entente powers set out for battle.
One would assume, that with the combined forces of the…

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