The Rise Of Print Media Essay

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The history of newspaper goes back into the 17th century and ‘Strasbourg’- a German language newspaper is the first of its kind in the world. Newspapers and magazines became part of everyone’s lives later. Readers considered newspapers as a source of information. They faced many challenges to become a powerful tool for communication. Today, newspapers are not only for communication, but for marketing and public relations as well. 21st century has seen a lot of changes in print media. So many people thought this era would see the death of print media. The newspaper industry is currently facing many struggles. In April 2012, Deloitte conducted a survey and found that 88% of magazine readers like to read articles in the form of print (Pugh, 2012). Eventhough this is an evidence for the existence of print media, with the invention of Internet in 1995, the traditional print media faced many threats for its survival. With the rapid rise of Internet and social media, the importance of newspapers is becoming less. For instance, now the number of print ads is very few because people find digital ads easier and cheap. Traditional news organizations are strongly fighting to survive in this digital age. In 2008, newspapers lost 64.5 billion dollars in market value in America alone (Quinn, 2010). According to ABC, the newspaper market is declining at a rate of 8% a year (Greenslade, 2014). So, how print media can make a come back in this digital era is a big question to consider.…

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