Essay on The Rise Of Information Technology

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The rise of information technology paved way for this phenomenon called globalization. One of its main benefactors, social networking sites (SNS) has lead the notion of a more globalized system. With 1.4 billion social network users worldwide in 2012, this growing trend is expected to have 2.13 billion users by 2016 (eMarketer). Simply put, SNS is an instrument used by an individual to connect with others around the world. However, it is more than that. Due to the ease of accessibility, SNS have brought forth global activism and support groups. It also created a new economy in advertisement, forcing markets to adapt new strategies to generate revenue. SNS can fall under negative context, it is a double edged sword as the boundaries of privacy and security are often crossed (Levin, 27).

The core of SNS is user generated content. The user creates a form of unique identity that is available to the public. It is the user 's choice in how they want to be perceived as by others. The user then creates their own profile along with submissions of photos and activities for their friends to see. This form of personalized networking has become an outlet to express one 's lifestyle.

One of the many uses for this medium are support groups. The aim of these support groups is to provide a forum for people to comment on. There are groups of all types that focus on particular diseases to promoting sobriety. The benefits of these groups are the small communities, a comfortable environment,…

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