Essay about The Rise Of Fame And Stardom

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The rise to fame and stardom is unique to all who have earned it. At times however, it is found that the circumstances and motivations fueling their success mirror each other. These constance branch across time periods and genres. Even in two distinct genres, such as hip-hop and jazz, two greats can be found with similarities in their tutelage, rise to fame and personas. Miles Davis and Kanye West, despite having so much between them, contain many parallels when observing what made them into icons.
Miles Davis is one of the greatest, if not the greatest jazz musician ever. His album, “Kind of Blue”, is the best selling jazz album of all time, going platinum four times. That is nearly four times the sales of the runner up. The second best, “Head Hunters”, is by Herbie Hancock who attributes his success, being quoted as saying, “Working with Miles Davis changed everything for me.” Davis is also attributed to the creation of fusion, a blend of jazz and rock, first heard on his album “Bitch’s Brew”. As well as creating a genre he was a key innovator in genres such as be-bop, heard on his album “Birth of the cool”, hard-bop, heard on “Cookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet” and cool jazz, heard on “Kinda Blue” and “Miles Ahead”. As stated in Robert Palmer’s article on him, “[He] didn 't just break through barriers; it pulverized them.” It can therefore easily be said, Miles Davis’ name is synonymous with jazz.
Although it is harder to cement Kanye West’s legacy because he is a…

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