The Rise Of College Admission Rates Essay

1163 Words Jun 10th, 2016 5 Pages
With the rise of college admission rates in our ultra competitive society pressuring more and more students to attend college each year, an increasing amount of students are facing college debt. With over 40 million students facing a total of almost 1.4 trillion dollars in loans, student debt creates many economic and social problems in the long run. Mitch Daniels, former governor of Indiana and president of Purdue University, stated that home ownership, marriage, child care and the establishment of businesses have declined as a result of the steadily increasing amount of student loans (Daniels). Because college is so expensive, student loans contradict the purpose of higher education, which is aimed at opening new doors and opportunities for students. However, with the average student borrower in 30 thousand dollars of debt, a college education becomes a stressful bearing for millions of students, affecting their future and the overall health of the economy (Holland). Over the past decade, student debt has climbed at an unprecedented rate in our country as a result of the immensive pressure instilled in children by their parents and the outbreak of the credentialism phenomenon. In 2014, a study showed that many career paths, especially in the business and computer science world, prefer to hire workers with bachelor 's degrees. This study concluded that “many middle-skill career pathways are becoming closed off to those without a bachelor 's degree” (qtd. in Holland).…

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