Essay on The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire became a Republic in 509 BC. The Republic won an empire overseas that began with the Punic Wars. The Second Punic War was a defining moment and also the turning point in Roman history, almost like world war two was for the United States. The campaign for Rome in Spain was just as significant as the American campaign that was in Europe from 1944-45. The Roman Empire was then geographically established and there was an original idea of having a European boundary. With all of the greatest achievements like civil law, architecture, art, and literature.
The Roman republic was superior over the majority of the Mediterranean. By the end of the first century BC Rome had control over almost all of the known world, and its system of government changed from that of a Republic and formed a princept, under the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar. With Caesar then began the two centuries of the Pax Romana, which added structure to the Roman Empire. At this time, the Roman Empire became a wealth of states and not just conquered provinces.
Rome at this time no longer had threats on the frontier of their land. The major threat came from the unorganized Barbarian tribes who attacked the Empire. The Roman Empire had a strategy that focused mainly on defense rather than offense. The decline and fall of the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries AD proved to have an unsettling affect on the rest of Rome. The Rise of the Roman Empire can be…

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