The Rights Of The Fifth Amendment Essay

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For many decades minorities around the world have experienced or bear witness to some form of police misconduct throughout their lives. Whether citizens have witnessed police violating citizen’s rights of the Fourth Amendment at a person’s home, on the street during a citizen being questioned as their rights of the Fifth Amendment are being incriminated, or on television as an instance of the Rodney King brutality, law enforcement misconduct is prominent in the United States and people notice it. There have been many unjustifiable, senseless murders committed at the hands of law enforcement officers. The main purpose of a police officer is to protect and serve their community. These deaths have resulted in leaving children without a parent, parents who have lost a child, and also lots of successful hard working law abiding citizen’s lifeless. These senseless deaths have occurred due to misuse of authority from law enforcement agents’ whom citizens are supposed to be able to trust. This behavior has led to the rising tension between law enforcement and communities across the country.
There have been several common protests by civilians in regards to police injustice. The 1965 Watts Riot in Los Angeles, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, and the Stonewall Riots in 1969 to name a few. History seems to have repeated itself, as today we still experience protest, only holding a different title for the name of the protest.
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