The Rights Of The Copyright Infringement Essay

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Copyright has been a controversial topic since the day it was created. It’s intentionally written for protecting intelligent properties, yet turns out causing a lot of pernicious side effects.
In the editorial “In Defense of Piracy” of Lawrence Lessig, he criticized that the “copyrights wars” chokes creativity and criminalizes people who share stuff online. He provided an example which was about a mother posted her 13-month-old son dancing video with Prince’s music playing on the background on YouTube. But YouTube was asked to remove this video by Universal Music Group due to its unauthorized usage of Prince’s music. Although EFF’s lawyers thought it was fair use and Mrs. Lenz argued about this case, yet Universal Music Group still insists that sharing this video is copyright infringement.
Cases like Mrs. Lenz’s are becoming common and it is certain that there is a battle between our Internet culture and Media Corporations. Not just video sharing, remix songs from independent musicians or amateur creators are also accused for copyright infringement. These Creators share their works on platforms like YouTube and inspire other users to create in return, which could be a potential economic growth. Yet they’re criminalized as thieves and pirates. However, Lessig considered that this situation could be changed; copyright law could be crafted to encourage a wide range of both professional and amateur creativity, without threatening media industry, if people and laws all accept…

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