Essay on The Rights Of Same Sex Couples

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The Census Bureau acknowledged same sex marriages and their ability to adopt. In the Obergefell v Hodges trial, the Supreme Court ruled that all states must issue a marriage license to same sex couples. Before this verdict, same sex couples were left out of the benefits that heterosexual couples had. For example, same sex couples weren’t able to adopt. In the story “ We Found Our Son In The Subway” the writer describes how he and his boyfriend found an abandoned brown baby in the corner of a subway in New York City. They went to court to explain how they found the baby boy. From the judge’s judicious hunch, she felt that the couple was a perfect fit to raise the baby. Ten years later, the judge married the happy couple. Peter Mercurio writes “Suddenly, the judge asked, “Would you be interested in adopting the baby?” The question stunned everyone in the courtroom, everyone except Danny, who answered, simply, “Yes.”(Mecurio 93.) This was a big deal because they skipped most of the steps to be able to adopt.
The steps for adoption in New York City were Choosing an adoption agency, submitting an application, completing the home study process, attending agency-sponsored training, working with a caseworker to find a match, visit the child, working with the case worker to apply for subsidy, bring the child home, completing at least three months of supervision, completing the adoption in court, and contacting the agency for post-adoption services. Mercurio and Stewart…

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