The Rights Of Humans And Animals Essay

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Do animals have as many rights as humans? When it comes to us humans we fight for our rights. Whether it is equal rights for races, similar to “Black Lives Matter”. Or how women have fought for their right to vote. Having the right to own guns and use them for defense. Even having the right of speaking our minds when something seems wrong or isn’t right. But when it comes to animals they don’t have the voice to speak against someone/thing. That is why there have been organizations and groups to fight for their rights and to take care of them. In the article The Rights of Humans and Other Animals was a good way to depict moral judgement 's and rights between humans and animals. The little introduction paragraph was a great way to portray the topic and the issue. It talks about humans moral rights, animals have those rights too but those may be more specific to scientific studying and/ or testing. ( Tom Regan- little intro) In this it talks about how moral judgement 's need to be defended, justified, and validated. (Tom Regan- pg 104, paragraph 4, sentence 5) In which makes sense, but moral judgments more have to do with your personal opinion on a topic, not our right. Even though they are affiliated with each other often. On the same page but paragraph 5, it talks more about moral judgement 's are our opinions and are personal. As I read farther in the article you come to the topic of animals, and their welfare and rights. When reading the difference between these two it…

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