Essay on The Rights Movement Of The United States

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In New Albany, Ohio, a 17-year-old girl with an interest in advancing human rights tried to start a student chapter of Amnesty International at her public high school. But her principal forbade her from doing so, capitulating to critics of the group.

The conflict began with a controversial poster.

To advertise the new group she was starting, the 17-year-old, Ellie Henze, made a poster with a photo of an anti-war protest. One protester in the photo had a “Free Palestine” sign.

Off-campus critics quickly objected, according to The Columbus Dispatch:

Several people contacted the Jewish Federation of Columbus about the image, calling it offensive and "anti-Israel," said Bob Lane, the federation 's vice president of Jewish community relations. Amnesty International also has drawn criticism from people who allege a bias against Israel. The federation forwarded the complaints to the school district.
The poster was removed, and soon after, “New Albany High School Principal Dwight Carter emailed an apology to all high school students and their families,” the newspaper stated. “In an April 22 email, Carter told the teen that she can form a human rights organization but it can’t be associated with Amnesty International.”

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School officials explained to the newspaper that they intended to “respect the school 's diversity” and “shield students from a potential political firestorm.” In the name of…

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