The Right Of People And Their Society Essay example

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This paper defends the right of citizens to consciously disobey laws in their society, after examination. People have a right to form idiosyncratic beliefs through their own conscience and rationality. Individuals should demonstrate the values they believe are worth losing their life, liberty, and property, through their actions. The actions they choose should not cause irreversible damage. People, compelled to act must do so regardless of the justness of their society. The just government acts as an extension of the people, and needs ways to revise laws. When a person regards a law as unjust by their contemplated moral standards, a person has a duty to take action to uphold their morals, or leave that society. A person’s beliefs are the only codes by which they may critically live and evaluate their actions, regardless of the inherent fallibility of these beliefs. A person is obliged to voice their examined opinions in society, as this is the only way for a government to understand the opinion of its citizens. People must take and active role in making and changing the laws under which they live. The government has a duty to protect the liberty, life, and estate of its citizens, hereafter known as property. These two duties form the basis of a social contract, wherein the citizen respects and contributes to the law in exchange for the government’s protection of their property. In this social contract is built a dual obligation for each member to keep the other…

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