How Does Society Affect Society In The Adventures Of Huck Finn

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Throughout life one often finds themselves struggling with finding their own sense of self and determining what is morally right and wrong. Society often sets the standards for what people should be and do. In Mark Twain’s fictional tale, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, he explores how one’s conscience can determine how they are affected by society.
Society is known for having a major influence on one’s life. Huck allows others to make decisions for him. In the beginning of the story we learn that Huck has been taken in by Widow Douglas after his last adventure with Tom Sawyer. We know that he does not enjoy his time there because she is constantly trying to “sivilize” him (Twain 2). So Huck left, and he seemed pretty happy with his decision
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He knows that his father is a drunk, and since his father technically has custody of him, he has access to the money too. Huck wants to get rid of the money so that his father cannot squander it. Huck’s father’s character is revealed more when he finally speaks to Huck. “...and if I catch you about that school I’ll tan you good,” (Twain 20). Huck’s father does not want him to be educated. He does not want him to have any “frills” (Twain 21). He does not want Huck to be above him, vowing to “take [him] down a peg” because of his newfound education (Twain 21). It is at this point that the reader knows how horrible of a person Huck’s father really is. It becomes abundantly clear when his father kidnaps him just to prove a point to Widow Douglas. Huck liked being away at first, he enjoyed “...laying off comfortable all day, smoking and fishing,” (Twain 24). He enjoyed himself so much that he “didn’t want to go back no more” (Twain 24). Then things take a turn for the worse when Huck’s father nearly kills him. This is when Huck decides that enough is enough. In pursuit of his own safety, Huck leaves his father. He decides to take matters into his own hands.“What you doin’ with this gun?” (Twain …show more content…
This is revealed when Huck Finn travels with runaway slave Jim. They then encounter a series of events that include Huck struggling with staying with Jim and viewing him as a person, putting up with two over-the-top conmen, and one head-in-the-clouds friend. In life, a person can be influenced by many people. These people might help one turn out for the better or worse based on their actions. It is up to that individual to decide what they will allow to affect them versus what they think should affect them. Society has the habit of determining one’s morals. One should be comfortable enough with their own moral compass to decide what is right and wrong. Do not be afraid to be the only one to go against what society says is

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