Essay on The Rhythm Of Life : Matthew Kelly Talks About Dreams

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Part One
In part one of The Rhythm of Life, Matthew Kelly talks about dreams. Not what your brain thinks up when you are sleeping, but about finding something you are passionate about and building your dream around the best version of yourself you be based on God 's will for your life. Kelly talks about dreams not only in the physical things, but I 'm the relational, emotional and spiritual things as well. Kelly talks a lot about how 's your dreams should be focused on what you are passionate about and what you desire rather than what anyone desires for you. This part of the book can easily transfer over into my personal life because I know that I have been called to work in the sports world, and my dream is to be the first female NFL Commissioner. Getting involved in the sports world is hard and will take a lot of dedication, failures and learning from said failures. I not only want this position for myself, but I know that the sports world is broken and I know that through The Lord, I can accomplish His will for me and be a light to the darkness that engulfs the NFL.
Part Two
Kelly discusses the importance of different kinds of needs that we need to survive and thrive. He talks about physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs and how important each one is in becoming the best version of ourselves. I think this is an important concept that can be used in an interview because you can discuss how you receive those needs and how a boss can encourage you to become…

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