The Revolutionary War And The Civil War Essay

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There were African American troops that marched with George Washington. In 1815 they served under Andrew Jackson in New Orleans against the British.


It was not until the Civil War that there was a large number of African Americans in the military.

When the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, many African Americans wanted to join the Union army. Sometime in 1862 Colonel Higginson from Massachusetts was given command of the First Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers. They were the first United States regimen made up of slaves.

By the end of the Civil War, there were over 180,000 African Americans who had fought in the Union army. There were over 33,000 that lost their lives.

During the Civil War, there was opposition to using black troops in War. Many believed the African Americans would not make good soldiers. The First Kansas Colored Volunteers was organized in June of 1862. In October 1862 a detachment of 225 troops from the First Kansas lead by white officers had to do battle with superior Confederate soldiers at Island Mound, Missouri. The Kansas Colored Volunteers managed to hold their ground. Their performance at the battle helped get rid of some of the prejudice against them.

The U.S. Army organized the U.S. Colored Volunteers in May of 1863. In the beginning, there was a cavalry regiment, a heavy artillery regiment, 5 engineer regiments, and 22 infantry regiments.

There were 29 volunteer…

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