The Revolutionary Red Guards Mass Nationwide Travel Essay

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16. Hundreds High Hats Paraded

The Cultural Revolution was blazing everywhere in the vast land of China, also burned the ancient city 's streets and back lanes. The millennium city was experiencing a hitherto unknown "revolutionary baptism". To carry the revolution through to the end, our middle school red guards joined “the Revolutionary Red Guards mass nationwide travel". Many students went to Beijing, Wuhan and chairman Mao 's home town - Shao Shan(韶山)…… different cities and placeses. Our small old town also saw Red Guards in and out. It was not clear where they came from, or what kind organization they belonged to. Unfamiliar faces, in groups of three or five, as long as they wore a red armband, who was dared to neglect? Ran into the district or town office buildings, reprimand some leaders, after ate and drank, then marched forward again.

As same as the national situation, in the ancient city, after criticized the “Three Villagers” (Wu Han, Deng Tuo, Liao Mosa, three famous writers and government offices), pulled out reactionary gangs, the criticizing the Capitalist Roaders campaign began. The surges were waves upon waves. Even the children all knew Liu Shaoji, Deng Xiaoping and other state leaders names, nobody did not know that they were the greatest betrayers, strike-breakers, hidden traitors, Chinese number largest Capitalist Roaders.

With the deepening of the revolution, various factions of the rebels were established, as bamboo shoots after a spring…

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