Essay about The Revelation Of Bottled Up Emotions

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People write about death for many reasons, whether it be for the revelation of bottled up emotions, the sharing of an experience, or just the mere fact that the sick thoughts emerged from their morbid mind and poured out of their pen onto a piece of paper. But not me; I’m writing about death because it has impacted me in ways that nothing else has, and very few things ever will.

My brother grew up just like any other teenage boy. He was raised in church, but like any other child, had to be dragged by his ears on those Sundays he wasn’t quite “feeling it”. He got saved when he was young and became a member of your typical Baptist church. He had the blondest hair on a boy that I had ever seen, as well as some of the bluest eyes. His voice had a combination of accents. It was country of course; however, it also had a more “ghetto” sound to it. He dressed almost the same as he spoke, southern with a touch of contemporary. He almost always had a hat on backwards. He was short, and everyone made sure to let him know it. Lance absolutely loved to be outside. That is probably the reason he had a job as a landscaper. He had to climb to the tops of trees and cut the branches. It was something that was dangerous, but he loved doing it, so it was worth it. He acted very loving with my parents, but because of the age difference, he and I weren’t that close. When Lance lived with my family, I was still too young to remember stuff about him. As he aged we grew closer, yet further apart.…

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