The Resurrection Of The Jesus Movement Essay

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The Jesus movement was spreading like wildfire throughout the Roman Empire in early years of the Common Era. Before the Jesus movement, women were being suppressed and had to submit to man 's authority. Women had no right to hold a higher position in life or in the church. Women had very little choices of what they really wanted to become in their later years. They were either to be a housewife or labeled as being whores. The Jesus movement was an important time for women to spring up and do more with their lives. Jesus would not favor men over women. He would teach any person if they wanted to learn. One women that took full advantage of the Jesus movement to place herself equal among men, during the Jesus movement, was a woman that went by the name Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene had very short descriptions of her even existence in the New Testament Bible but there is more to her that the Bible does not clarify. We know, in fact, through research and evidence; she had her very own gospel and was a prominent figure in the Jesus movement. The evidence found shows she was a very powerful women during the Jesus movement and one of Jesus disciples. Mary Magdalene has very little descriptions about her in the Bible. She is described at different times in the New Testament gospels. In the gospel of Matthew was the first recognition of her existence. In a verse of Matthew, it explains how she was present with Mary the mother of Jesus during the crucifixion of Jesus, "among whom…

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