The Respiratory System Of The Human Body Essay

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The Respiratory System’s Vital Role in the Human Body
Lakessia Dumas
Dominque Johnson
Lashonda Johnson
Jessica Mager
Keyaira Studvent
Dorsey School Of Nursing

The human lungs are amazing feats of nature; they help us pump vital oxygen through airways and into the bloodstream every second of the day. Without this ability, humans could not survive on Earth. This paper explores the major parts of the respiratory system, the main purpose and how it plays a crucial role in the human body. The organs that make up the respiratory system, the function of these organs, as well as the relationship between the respiratory system and other systems within the human body. This essay will also describe the medical problems and diseases associated with the respiratory system. There are many environmental or bacterial infections that can cause such illness. There are many ways us humans can help with these horrible effects such as air pollutants and stop smoking cigarettes would help eliminate infections. But in today’s world of medicine, there are many different approaches doctors can take to save patients lives and lungs.

The Respiratory System’s Vital Role in the Human Body
The respiratory system is made up of different organs that are responsible for taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide as we breathe. The main purpose of the respiratory system is to supply the body with oxygen by delivering oxygen to the blood when we breathe. Oxygen is used by cells…

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