Essay The Resistance Of Antibiotic Resistance

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Antibiotic Resistance Issue
In the daily life, we will hear a variety of drug tolerance. Some of them happens on the body, per se. For example, diabetes patients’ long-term use of insulin will reduce the efficacy of insulin. And abuse of pain reliever for those chronic pain patients declines the effects as well. Differently, antibiotic resistance produces tolerance towards pathogen in the body rather than the organism itself. Plus, the pathogen will spread—that is why antibiotic resistance becomes a global issue causing wide public concern no matter whether you use antibiotic. According to the definition, antibiotic resistance refers to that the change of microbes including bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasite,etc disables the drug treatment, especially the antibiotic. After pathogenic bacterium produces the resistance, antibiotic cannot recognize the bacteria any more, or launch attacks. Assume that drug-resistance pathogens spread worldwide successfully, then the traditional treatment towards the patients infected with this type of pathogen will be definitely invalid anymore. Plain speaking, the antibiotic resistance actually generates a new super-powerful bacterium that threats all the human’s health.

Why it happens? We have to starts with the mechanism of antibiotic. There are four methods to beat the bacteria: inhabiting cell-wall synthesis, disabling protein synthesis, stopping DNA synthesis, and the interaction of cell membrane. Dating back from 3 billion…

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