During The Speech List President Obama's Main Economic Proposals

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1. During the speech, list President Obama’s main economic proposals. There will be at least 4 -5. Explain the main idea of each proposal in 2-3 sentences per proposal.
One of the main proposals was to lower taxes in an effort to reduce the feeling of a weak economy as many people perceive there to be. It was stated that many people still do not feel the effects of recovered economy despite the evidence that states it so. Another proposal he had is the concept of free community college which would be available to US citizens. This in itself would raise taxes because ultimately education is not free. Lastly another idea he explained was that of expanding sick leave because most people are truly sick and often lose their job because they are
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How is the President’s presentation? (Speaking style, use of language, body language, etc.)
The president speaking style is different from the past speeches that he has given because this one was less structured and a bit laid back. I liked the way it was delivered because sometimes too much formality makes me feel like a robot is talking. Although there was in fact a couple of language error he made I think this is perfectly okay because even the best of us mess up at one point or another and in the end we are all human.
12. Evaluate the Republican rebuttal:
a. Who presents the Republican message?
Nikki Haley, Governor State of South Carolina presented the response. I thought that the response sounded detached and sort of cold. I would have liked to see less of a robotic sounding response. But other than that I think both speeches were appropriate to their respective parties.
b. What is their impression of the state of the union?
They response was that Obama spoke eloquent words but had no action to back up what we is saying.
c. Accomplishments (who gets the credit)?
The accomplishments are given to the Republicans as they said that they will bring about new policies which would benefit us all. They also stated that they will not speak empty words as Nikki Haley says Obama

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