The Representation Of African American Athletes Essay

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Being able to see an African American athlete on T.V sounds unbelievable. A high percentage of the youth go through their entire childhood hoping and dreaming of becoming a legacy just like the people on T.V. Unfortunately, not everything they see on T.V is true and becoming like those people on T.V is nearly impossible. Therefore, the representation of African Americans in professional sports has had a positive impact in the trajectories of black adolescent’s academic readiness and pursuits. This is due to professional athletes serve as an example to young African American men. In addition, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires players to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA). Furthermore, African American athletes perform well in their academic classes. To begin with, professional athletes often serve as an example to empower young African American men in their everyday actions. Most young athletes have a favorite player or a role they look up to and as they look up to the athlete teens might start copying action that the professional athlete does. In “ The Effects of Television Sports”, Jeffery A.Bierman, states that “successful black athletes receive high visibility from television, which in fact favorably affects impressionable youths” (Gaston 1986). Also the young athletes have a lots of technology in the present so they are on youtube looking up their African american role model. In “ The Effects of Television Sports,” Jeffery…

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