The Report Is Written By Anne Nguyen : Consultant Of Proactive Consultancy Commissioned By Elliot West

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The report is written by Anne Nguyen – consultant of ProActive Consultancy commissioned by Elliot West – founder of Tobias Tech on November 1, 2015. The objective of the report is to locate and analyze problems of the upcoming merger between Tobias Tech and Koru International, and to seek potential and practical recommendations to ensure a smooth and successful merger.

Firstly, the insufficient communication between top managers and employees in two companies, which could be solved by using sufficient communication techniques such as group discussions and public forums. The second serious issue is the differences in organizational cultures and stages in product life cycles, it is recommended that a new organizational culture be established which will reinforce strengths of the existing cultures and minimize weaknesses. In addition, employees from two companies would be resistant toward new changes, which could be improved by providing education, training for staff and stating clear purpose of the changes. Moreover, Nick’s secret containment plan caused internal conflicts. As a result, use of power tactics such as legitimacy and coalition conducted by top managers of Tobias Tech would be effective to stop Nick from carrying out his plan. Furthermore, in Tobias Tech, due to lack of control over internal information of top managers, false rumors emerges which increases employees’ anxiety. It is suggested that Elliot should step up and become more involved in Tobias Tech’s…

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