Creative Writing: The Replacement

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The Replacement
Richard woke up early. His mother promised him to place a Christmas tree.
The kid had the impression that every year the Christmas tree shrunk.
His father brought it home five years before when he was three years old. Then the tree seemed to be very tall… in that moment not anymore.
Richard and his mom shook the tree after taking it out from the box. They kept the box in a closed place between festivities. Carefully and with enthusiasm started to decorate the tree, it was almost finished when his father arrived.
-I have a surprise for you. - He said.
-What did you bring dad?
He didn’t answer, he took the boy by the hand, pointed to his car, and they walked out the house and the boy discovered a natural Christmas tree.
The three
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The boy woke up filled with joy; he got off the sofa and noticed that something fell to the floor. It was a green hat. He looked at the tree that seemed to be smiling and winking at him with its big blue sequin eye.

Jumping on the bed
The first time I saw him I was a little girl. I was four years old. He was wearing a long red cloak and a metal blue hat with brown shoes.
I clearly remember that day because my mom bought me a coloring book; those days I had everything a girl could want, except for a little brother.
When I discovered him sitting next to me, looking how my color pencils slid through my book, my amazement was unbound. My first reaction was to scream, but he made me a signal not to do it.
I carefully watched him: he was about twenty centimeters tall; my teddy bear was taller than him. We smiled and I asked him:
-What’s your name?
-Leirbag – he answered while he came closer to me. He added that he came from a world where everyone engaged in eating, sleeping and being happy. He told me that every ten years they formed a committee of one hundred little men to come to the Earth who looked in every home where lonely kids
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When the baby finally arrived, it got really complicated for my friends to meet the baby. Although I was already seven years old my mom didn’t allow me to carry him.
Nevertheless, the perfect occasion happened when one of my aunts visited us. On an unguarded moment, I called the little men so they could see the baby.
-He’s really ugly! - They both exclaimed at the same time.
That night they said goodbye. They reminded me that they could only live in the house of lonesome children, and now I had a little brother. They promised to visit me soon, but they never did.
When I became sixteen years old, one day that I was coming back from school, I found a huge fuss at home. My little brother, now seven, claimed to see a rat dressed in red in my bedroom, and that it was playing the piano.
My mom was scolding him for telling lies.
I went up to my bedroom in a rush. I called them. They didn’t come out. Then I discovered the cat liking its whiskers next to the doll house. My heart missed a beat, and I even kicked the cat, that ran away mewing.
I jumped into bed and started to cry when I heard a noise:
-Psst. Psst! Right here, on top of the

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