The Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act Essay

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There are many issues today that American voters are not sufficiently educated on, or not properly educated on their H.R. member’s stance on these issues. It has been said that American voters are very ignorant, and sometimes vote for someone who doesn’t at all share their opinion of an issue, or that we are simply too ignorant to properly understand the issue. We need to educate ourselves about the issues at hand and make sure that we are voting the proper people into the proper positions.
Two issues that are commonly misunderstood the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and the alteration of the Bush-era tax cuts by increasing marginal tax rates on wealthy Americans. Many people assume the meanings of these issues, and distort the true meaning. Before doing proper research, I disagreed with the alteration of the Bush-era tax cuts. However, after properly educating myself, I know strongly support it. This alteration makes major progress for the economy. Without this deal, taxes would have went up for the middle class by nearly $2200. However, this act establishes a permanent low rate for the middle class. Also, this deal continues important tax credits (EITC, CTC) for working families that put money in the pockets of those who need it most, as well as help our economy. Lastly, this deal fixes the Alternative Minimum tax, which has been threatening middle-class families for decades. This deal also helps to reduce the National deficit.
I also researched the Affordable Care…

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