The Removal Of The Cherokee Removal Essay

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Anti Removal Paper While most White Americans supported the Cherokee removal in 1830, many White Americans disagreed with the removal. Many people viewed the Removal as unconstitutional because it infringed on the Cherokees rights as a Sovereign nation. Both the British and American governments had established, in multiple treaties, that the Cherokee were a Sovereign nation. Meaning that land could only be taken by the United States if the Cherokee nation submitted themselves or their land on to the United States government. Many different groups supported the Cherokees fight against the removal. One of the supporters of the Cherokee was Jeremiah Evarts. “The chief administrative officer of the large interdenominational missionary consortium the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.” (Perdue and Green 103). Jeremiah Evarts believed that God had a mission for the United States, that was to convert the entire world to Christianity, and that the American government had to conduct justice and morality in all of their affairs. Evarts also believed that if the government did not follow the right path, it was the follower’s duty to critique them. (Perdue and Green 103). Evarts main argument was that only Congress and the President can conduct relations with Indians outside of the United States, according to the Constitution. Also, treaties are acts of sovereign policy with the United States, and the United States always had to respect the sovereign rights the…

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