Essay about The Religious Tradition Of Judaism

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Evaluate the statement in relation to one significant practice and one significant ethic from the religious tradition of Judaism. “Dynamic religious traditions are communal in as much as they are individual.”
The statement, “Dynamic religious traditions are communal in as much as they are individual” explains the significance religion has had on individuals and the community, but also how both the community and individual benefit from one another. In Judaism, religion is focused on the individual, however with the support of the community. Individuals make up the community; while the community guides and supports the individual into the dynamic religious tradition. Both are seen equally important, as they mutually need each other in order to fulfill god’s commandments. Ethics and significant practices in general, allow individuals and the community with amoral guidance as to how to live their life with the help of putting laws into place. Significant practices helps one identify who they are and determine which community they belong to. This is evident in Judaism in the significant practice and ethic, Jewish marriage and sexual ethics.
Ethics determine the way in which one should live their life. In Judaism, Jewish law also known as Halakhah is the central point in which all Jews follow. It is the divine blueprint of life as it is a path one walks, governing the daily life of a Jew. The halakhah along with the Talmud teaches the community about ethical behavior.…

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