Essay on The Religion Of Muslim Culture

1669 Words Jul 6th, 2015 null Page
A Nations political attitude cannot be used to refer to the attributes of a culture. From my personal expertise in society, Muslims’ subculture, which is recognized as the Islamic religion, had been discriminated against in society because of warfare and tourism. Muslims religion teaches about peace, love, togetherness, but the media have discuss the subculture for been dangerous. The United States have mix culture in each state. I grew up in a Christian family with the knowledge that the only subculture who is perfect is Christianity. Muslim culture is a part of the subculture I always wanted to experience due to how members of the group behave toward each other with respect. From my own knowledge about the Muslim subculture, members of the subculture regard themselves to be descendants of Prophet Muhammad and followers of the almighty Allah. Islamic religion is practiced by most Muslims all over the world with one belief and one cultural practice. On my notice when doing some field work at the Colorado Muslim society, I discovered that members pray five time daily and each prayer is implemented by a male leader. Another thing I noticed was that there are specific rules that are guiding the place of meeting such as one cannot send his shoe to the praying ground. Roubatou Alassani, one of educated Muslim young girls assigned to me to interview at the mosque, made it clear that, “to be part of the Muslim subculture one has to believe that Allah is the only God, and…

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