The Religion Of Abraham, The Sane Essay

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(Allah) speaketh the Truth: follow the religion of Abraham, the sane in faith; he was not of the Pagans” (-God in the Quran 3:95).
“Verily, my Lord hath guided me to a way that is straight, - a religion of right, - the path (trod) by Abraham the true in Faith, and he (certainly) joined not gods with Allah” (-God in the Quran 6:161).
Later in life, Abraham was told by an angel to sacrifice Isaac, His only son at the time. He knew if it was God’s will he must do it, but first He asked His son. The son was good and pious, and he consoled his father. “Dear father, he said calmly, if Allah has ordered it, then you must obey, so sacrifice me. Do not fear: With the help of God I shall be brave.” As Abraham sorrowfully prepared to kill His son he heard a voice “You have shown your good intentions. This is sufficient. You have already fulfilled God’s will. They were so relieved and thankful! They slaughtered a ram instead, as they were bidden.
Abraham’s other son; Ishmael later built the Ka’ba in Mecca toward which Muslims all over the world turn to pray.
In case you wondered about the followers of Abraham, you might look to the Sabians of Middle Eastern tradition. They were a monotheistic Abrahamic group mentioned three times as people of the Book in the Quran; similar to the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians. Their further identity is still a matter of discussion, and complex investigation by scholars, who look at three differing peoples with similar names.

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