The Relevance Of Cultural Intelligence Essay

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After taking a CQ (Cultural Intelligence) assessment, I have learned how to identify diverse cultures in an effective way and how to analyze different cultural contexts which help me foster some of the abilities such as leadership and adapt to different cultures in the future. Throughout this paper, I would like to talk about things that I have reflected with the CQ test. Also, I will explain how the concept of CQ has impacted my life.
The Relevance of Cultural Intelligence To begin with, I will discuss what the relevance of cultural intelligence is and explain some of the reasons why it matters with my future. When I work as a youth minister in the future, the ability of leadership is required. The leadership skill is no longer an option but is an indispensable one.
According to the book, leading with Cultural Intelligence, Cultural intelligence can be defined as “the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures.” With that being said, It is crucial for me to develop the skill as majoring in Youth Ministries. This is because everyone embraces culture and it means everyone including myself should be able to identify his/her own cultures.
Furthermore, in the class, Professor. harbor states that “nearly 90% of leading executives form 68 countries named cross-cultural leaderships as the leading management challenge for the next century.” As revealed, even in my own culture, I often face and deal with diverse situations…

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