The Relevance Of Assessment Of An Assessment Essay

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Describe the relevance of Assessment
An assessment can be biased if the make-up of its items leads to under-predictions of performance of a particular subgroup relative to other groups (Howe, 1996). In addition, if advantages are given to a certain subgroup that bias could automatically penalize other subgroups (Popham, 2006). It is also suggested that those who interpret test results be aware that if a minority group does poorly on an assessment, it may have been the instruction to that group that was unequal instead of the assessment being biased (Popham, 2000).
Cultural bias gender testing consist of three basic which reflect the differences and adversely test that affect females by their color, information that lack of the gender differentials and how tests are actually measure and whether its valid. Cultural bias assessment have educators believing that it’s right method to examine students’ performance and average as a whole. The assessment test is giving mainly multiple choice questions, writing and grammar, and verbal. Most educators think tests are a great way to measure students’ progress and knowledge because standardized tests show weakness and strengths of student’s assessment and choice age appropriate curriculum.
Where there is stereotyping in classroom it lead to gender bias. This is what leads to much bias that occurs in the classroom (Banks, 2005). Many times, due to teachers’ lack of experience with people who are not like them, these biases begin to…

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