The Relationship Between Theseus And Theseus: The Tale Of Friendship

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The Tale of Friendship

Back in the years of 1200 BC there’s a story of two best friends named Theseus and Pirithous. These two were considered heroes back in that day. Going on nemours life threatening adventure together these two seemed to always have eachothers backs, until they then decided that great heroes deserve better wives, and so what women would be better than Zeus’ daughters? This is where their friendship would be put to the test. But what is friendship and is it even fair to say that these two were friends? There are a lot of questions that can be asked from this story, but so few that can be answered. Through this paper, it shows the relationship between Theseus and Pirithous as their adventures push their friendship to the
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Theseus felt as if Pirithous was constantly leading him into trouble. How they started their relationship with Pirithous seaking Theseus blood, could Theseus ever trust him. Then when he gets invited to Pirithous’ wedding another battle starts after the guest Pirithous invites gets too drunk. Then to top it all off Pirithous drags Theseus into the underworld to be captured and tortured for years. This is where Theseus had enough of Pirithous and didn’t care to try just a little hard to get his so called best friend freed. And so Theseus left Pirithous in the underworld which ended their friendship for the rest of their …show more content…
These two were willing to do outrageous things for each other, including killing a Calydonian Boar, fighting an army of drunk centaurs, and traveling to the underworld in the attempt to steal Hades wife. The special relationship that had all started from what was supposed to be a battle to the death and ended up being they were willing to die for each other. Whether or not the friendship continued or ended after Theseus left the underworld does not matter. The bond between these two was special and that is why after thousands of years the stories of these heroes are still being told.

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