The Relationship Between Social Media And Television Forces On Society

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Friendship is a matter that is packed full of emotion. Enjoyment, obstacles, and necessity are what structure a friendship. The difference between the words “friendship and “friend” have been blurred throughout the years while being stretched. They have lost a lot of their meaning, and make it hard to look further into what it means to be a friend -without merely scratching the surface because friendships contain many factors. Such as, changing work lives, moral psychology, the effect of religion and its controlling force on many societies, and changing emotions. Looking even wider into friendship the effects of social media and television forces adolescencents to interpret what beign a friend is in different ways. These factors make it complex and confusing to discover the true meaning of friendship. Hopefully, by comparing different examples of friendship through, history, literature, and person realationship it diffuses the phenomenon of what being a good friend is.

Enjoyment, obstacles, and necessity are what structure a friendship. Friendship and the simple bond between two people stopped being the effortless unchallenging matter it once was. I felt my own friendship getting tougher and more complex the older I got. Many friends can be considered “dear” to us, but what makes a best friend? The older people get they loose the sense of simplicity in relationships, the pleasurable things that are located in the center of our lives. I’m here to ask why. In Lysis where…

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