The Relationship Between Science And Religion

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f we ask any scientist who is one of the most influential scientists there is in this world, a lot of the answers would point toward Sir Charles Darwin. In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species, a book that once caused a tear between the traditional religious people and the scientific minds. The theory, to put simply, states that there are various species among the globe that adapt to the environment better than others. If the theory is as simple as such, then we must ask why a theory would endanger the existence of God in many people’s mind. The answers lie beneath 3 key components. Firstly, the theory suggests that the variation that lead to differentiation of species is purely random, thus suggesting that works of nature …show more content…
People think about the crude history of the relationship of science and religion. Many scientific thinkers are rather critical about the relationship between science and religion, they believe that science shall never accommodate the like of religion. These scientist would find it rather difficult to be both scientific and religious. According to Bill Nye, the main reason for science to repudiate religion is because religion can not demonstrate its idea in a straightforward way. Bill Nye demands an equal playground for science to accept any of religion’s theory. Through questions, researching, hypothesis, experimenting and analyzing would science come up with a credible theory. While religion would set up a theory through empirical method, and skeptic claims which are fallible and unreliable. Factually, we can see how religion has struggled with science: the church’s persecution of Gallieo, the animosity between the theological religious and Darwin’s theory of evolution and the debate between creationism and evolution. These few examples show that religion will never get along with science. Moreover, scientific skeptics disprove religion for its untestable nature while science has to be open-minded to open experimentations. Karl Popper, a renowned philosopher argued that true science must strive to falsify its past idea. But can

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