Ray Comfort The Origin Of Species Summary

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In the paper, “Origin of Species”, author Ray Comfort presents opinions and non-supported assumptions to discredit the contributes of Charles Darwin to science literary. Charles Darwin’s contributions to science by his data, theories, and arguments for evolution by natural selection are exceptionally important in how scientist classify and explain evolution acting in nature. From variation in phenotype to the passing of favorable traits, to succeeding generations, to how life itself became, Darwin set the foundation for scientist then and now to investigate natural phenomena all around us.
Firstly, let’s discuss how humans came about. Comforts explanation for the lack of transitional fossils to negate the validity of evolution is false. Comfort
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Comforts comments on Darwin’s belittling statements about women's capabilities to Darwin’s racist views; in order to negate his contributions to science. Comfort also provides an example of how Hitler used Darwin’s theories as justification for his regime and expulsion of inferior races. Hitler used Darwin’s theories to his own advantage, by twisting words to allow his own horrible agenda. Darwin had no partake in what Hitler’s atrocities nor were Darwin’s works intended for things of that matter. Nonetheless, despite Darwin’s character – or the horrible people who use Darwin’s work to justify theory horrendous acts, Darwin’s contributions to science is what should be discussed if the subject is evaluating the science on its own. For instance, Darwin’s four postulates are applicable for explaining evolution through natural selection for many species in nature today. In class, Darwin’s four postulates were used to explain many concepts and relate how selection as an evolutionary force can shape a species over time. This allows a species to be more apt for survival and reproducing in its environment. By portraying Darwin as a horrible individual (because of Hitler for example), Comfort’s attempts to persuade readers to belie Darwin’s additions to science literacy. Overall, Comfort is pursuing his own agenda in this paper by providing non-supported, biased opinions to negate evolution. Again, as scientist, we should evaluate the merit of the science independently; we should be able to distinguish opinions from the

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