The Relationship Between News And Politics

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Political correspondents shape the public’s opinions concerning political events and decision of government leaders. “The relationship between news and politics is considered intrinsic to democratic life…news is routinely made up of political actors and parties at a place where their decisions, actions and motivations are most likely to be featured.”(Cushion, 2015) The reason these “political actors” are under the spotlight frequently is due to the their impact on the peoples every day lives and futures.
Journalism influences the publics opinion of political leaders by reporting poll numbers, the journalist may verbally announce their personal opinions or on social media which could cause their followers opinions to sway. Journalist also reports
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From competition among workers, news stations, blogs and other media outlets journalist are constantly scrambling for a story to produce in order to protect or dismember a political figure especially during election season. The information that journalist provide to the public about all this is an integral part of the democratic process. Journalists often face the problem of difficulty finding an angle to take when trying to discover a candidate’s true character. Candidates as they often speak the most at staged media event that are carefully strategized by politicians and their teams…”primarily to serve as the visual content of television news and stories. Many journalist have started to resist covering these events because they so often offer nothing substantive, just pretty pictures.”(Chadwick,2001) There are more challenges that only a few may face such as their spouse running for office-or even a friend the journalist is expected to not cover the campaign as their opinion would be …show more content…
Objectivity in today’s superheated political environment may be impossible, but impartiality should still be a reporter’s goal. Journalist have a code of ethics that is meant to be followed in order to protect not only the citizens of their western democracy but the political figures that lead the country in which they live. The Society of Professional (SPJ) has a code of ethics to be followed by journalist in order to improve and protect the career overall. The most pertinent parts of the SPJ code of ethics is to avoid conflicts of interest, remain free of associations that may compromise integrity or damage credibility. (SPJ- Political Involvement) As time has went on journalist and corporations have been known to have slack when it comes to following the ethical standards set for them. The pressures of making money has corrupted many writers and corporations causing them to leave out the time and investment it takes to find and a solid truth based story. An unnamed speaker stated “In assignment meetings, we dream up ‘talker’ stories, stuff that will attract the attention and get us talked about, tidbits for busy folks who clip items from the paper and stick them on the fridge-Who the hell cares about corruption in city government, anyway, much

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