The Relationship Between Islam And Islam

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Today terrorism is on high alert in the West due to the terroristic group called ISIS. Ever since 9/11, citizens of the United States have been correlating terrorism with the Muslim people of Islam. However, the stereotype of all Muslims being violent is untrue. According to author Malise Ruthven, Islam is a religion of peace: the word “Islam,” a verbal noun meaning submission (to God) is etymologically related to the word Salam, meaning peace”(Ruthven, 2004). Historically, Muslim people have been peacefully interacting with the West since well before 9/11and other acts of terrorism. While many insist Islam is a peaceful religion, there are many misinterpretations of Islam in the West. However, what many people do not know is there has been a positive relationship between western civilization and the Muslim world. Chandra Muzaffar, on PBs Frontline, discusses how Muslims and the west have had a positive relationship, exchanging ideas and enjoying civil relationship. He states the West absorbed knowledge from Islamic civilization in the earlier period through the Iberian peninsula, in Sicily and even via the Crusades. The Crusades had a certain dimension to it, which is …show more content…
However, Islamic society does not put forth what the extremist groups believe, even though that is the viewpoint of most western citizens. Western civilization however, does not know what Islamic culture has done for their society through peaceful interactions from the past. Islam has given the West so much of the necessities like fruits and vegetables, mathematics, science, etc. that we as westerns, think originated from us were in reality the West adopted a lot from Islamic people. Today there has been an ongoing peaceful interaction between both cultures in trying to make their relationship better by showing Islam as a religion of peace and not violence or

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