Essay about The Reformation And Its Impact On The World

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The most important period in the 16-18 century was the reformation because it had the most impact on the world. The reformation was the most important period over scientific revolution, and explorers because even though there were many more important events that occurred, Jesus Christ, Roman Catholic Church, Martin Luther, John Calvin, were the main occupants. Jesus Christ helped provide new religious ideas that Martin Luther later changed. There were many influential events from religious behalfs, all the way to scientific inventions. Jesus Christ helped provide a religion out of old ones, while Martin Luther began the movement of the Reformation. However, religion isn 't the only thing that impacted the world, the scientific revolution also strongly contributed.
Indeed, supporters of the Reformation believe that it really began with Jesus Christ. He helped provide a new religion out of old ones. In the text Jesus Christ biography by they argue that “Jesus is a religous leader whos likes and teachings are recorded in the bibles New Testiment. The Reformation was the greatest religious movement for jesus christ. It brought forward the new testament. He is a central figure in Christianity all over the world.” Based upon this research it is clear that Jesus Christ is significant because he was seen as such a high leader. He had the most impact on the change in a new religion. It shows how Jesus Christ was regarded by most christians. He was influential to other…

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