The Reform Of The United States Education School Vouchers System

1650 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
With the 2016 election over, the United States will get new policies, laws, and staff that will affect the country. With the newly elected president, comes with a newly elected Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. Mrs. Devos has clearly stated her ideas and intentions to increase the performance of the United States education. She has mention through the media that she would like to eliminate common core method of teaching, but one intention she has may have profound effect to the nation. That intention Mrs. Devos would like to establish is to have the nation to fully adopt the education school vouchers system. This emerging issue greatly interests me as I work for a school district and currently working on my teaching credential. This voucher system can greatly affect my future, such as locations to work, working for public or private institutions, and overall the future of my career. The voucher system allows the students or parents of the students to choose the school they would like to attend. The education voucher allows the parent to take the money that was meant for the student public school institution and use it as a scholarship for private school, or take the money to another public school. The intention of the education vouchers is to allow students from a poor performing school to have the ability to attend another school that can provide better education. The vouchers can act as a scholarship, allowing low income family to pay their children tuition at private…

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