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Literary Analysis: The Red Tent The author and her times Anita Diamant, author of the historic fiction novel, The Red Tent, is a devout Jewish-American living in Newtonville, Massachusetts with her husband and daughter, Emilia. She has written five books about contemporary Jewish life, The Red Tent being her first novel. Diamant may have been influenced by the recent resurgence of creating Midrashim, or stories that attempt to explain the Torah by examining its subtexts. Modern women have taken a keen interest in this practice, hoping to expand on the minute biblical mentions of women like Dinah. Form, structure and plot The Red Tent is organized in a seemingly complicated yet beautifully simple way. There are three …show more content…
He obviously loved her. He had his tribe circumcised. That is not the behavior of a rapist." Whether or not the daughter of Jacob was raped is one of the most controversial aspects of Genesis, Diamant’s interpretation being one of many. Character Dinah, being the most prominent character, experiences all the changes that a lifetime has to offer. She is the archetype of the round character; the reader sees her morals and personality traits develop and reveal themselves in every line. The influence of her mothers is implicit in her opinions: "I am not certain whether my earliest memories are truly mine, because when I bring them to mind, I feel my mothers’ breath on every word" (Diamant 75).This, however, by no means shadows her individuality. She shares her musings with the reader, expressing her beliefs and loyalties as well as disdain and even wrath. Dinah’s story begins before she is even born; it begins with the story of her mothers. As she says in the prologue, "If you want to understand any woman you must first ask about her mother and then listen carefully" (Diamant 2). Her entire life, as well as how she came into being, is covered in the novel. She is born the only daughter in a family of eleven sons (the twelfth son, Benjamin, is born after Dinah is gone). She has four female role models in childhood; her biological mother, Leah, and her aunt/mothers Rachel,

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