Essay about The Red Eye Flight Of The United States

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"Welcome back to the States, folks. You will find your bags on the carousel G in the customs hall after passing through immigration. If you have connections, follow the signs to your next gate. We hope you have an enjoyable stay here in the Chicago area or wherever your final destination may be. Good evening and goodbye." The overhead speakers clicked off, Cora opened her sleepy eyelids and shifted in her seat. She pulled her hood, that had been covering her face, off of her head, releasing her messy mop of golden brown curls. She slowly sat up as the other passengers shuffled around on the plane, gathering their luggage and other belongings. The red eye flight had always been Cora’s favorite. She could sleep the entire ride without feeling the need to converse with the strangers around her. While she couldn’t sleep the entire 20 hour flight from Australia to the United States, she managed to sleep for the majority of it. Upon leaving the aircraft, she followed the signs to carousel G to retrieve her luggage. She had many bags that held all of her testing tools. Cora spent her time working as a marine biologist. She had just spent the last few months working in the Coral Reef in Australia, and she couldn’t wait to get home and not have to worry about traveling any time soon. She hastily grabbed her bags and hurried to the taxi that was waiting outside the baggage claim to take her home to her apartment. She clicked open the lock to her apartment door and stumbled…

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