The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich Essay

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Response To The Red Convertible An illness or severe trauma does not only affect the person, but it affects the people around the victim. “In the Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich accurately describes the complex recovery from Henry returning back from the war. This story reminded me of when my mother was fighting depression because of the relationship, transformation, recovery and the reflection the story illustrates. Henry and Lyman in the beginning of the story resemble my mom and me. We use to go out all the time to places such as Yosemite and amusement parks. We traveled everywhere in this old red Toyota pickup truck. The girl in the story is comparable to my younger brother. The girl is brought in the middle of the journey of the two boys. Henry and Lyman stay with the girl for a while playing with her everyday. Both brothers soon have to leave and head back home. This is similar to when my brother was born because our focus was on him for a while. We played with him everyday and watched him grow up. We soon had to get back to our normal lives, such as my mom going to work and me going to school. Even though my baby brother was born, my mom and I still had that strong mother and son relationship. Transformation in the story started when Henry headed to the Vietnam War. This parallel transformation happened when my mother got a second job to support my brother and I. In the beginning of the war Henry would occasionally send letters back to Lyman but towards the…

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