The Reconstruction Era Essay Outline

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The Reconstruction Era
The Reconstruction Era started after four years of devastating civil war between the Northern states of the United States against the southern states of the United States in 1865. The main goal of the Reconstruction Era is to bring the North and the South states to join in one union –restoring the union- . After the northern states won the war president Abraham Lincoln start Reconstruction plan to unite the North and South states in one union. President Lincoln issued Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction to declare his goal of unites the north and south states. The plan was to initiate a general amnesty that would be granted to everyone takes an oath of loyalty to the United States and pledge to obey all laws
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President Lincoln wasn’t in favor of this bill in the beginning due to the impact may affect the African American war against slavery. He had different agenda that may be a solution to slavery. One of the idea president Lincoln adapted even before becoming the president of the United States of America is colonization. Colonization is an idea where slaved should be freed and encouraged or required by the government to move to other places. Africa, South America, or the Caribbean was some of the places the former slave can go to and start there colonize. This idea failed because most of the former slaves refused to leave. When the colonization plan failed Lincoln moved to what it seems a better idea. Gradual emancipation came into focus. The idea of gradual is to grant t freedom he sons of the slave. This method will give slave owners time to adjust with the new idea and life. This solution was expectable for president Lincoln until the civil war started. Emancipation was immediate so slaves can join the army. When the war ended president Lincoln feared that slavery will go back as it used to be and the people will consider the emancipation as a war measure and they will not support it any more. In order to protect the African American, President Lincoln initiates the 13th amendment act and passes a bill that ensure the apolish of slavery in the united

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