Legacy Of Reconstruction Essay

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President Andrew Johnson had announced a plan for reconstructing the rights by introducing two new bills that would change the American constitution forever, and these three amendments also stand in terms of legacy due to the benefits that the provided to the newly formed democratic system after the end of the civil war. In Johnson 's view, the southern states had never surrendered their entitlement to represent themselves, and the national government had no privilege to decide voting necessities or different inquiries at the state level. Under Johnson 's Presidential Reconstruction, all land that had been appropriated by the Union Army and circulated to the liberated slaves by the armed force or the Freedmen 's Bureau returned to its prewar proprietors. Aside from being required to maintain the cancelation of subjection, in consistence with the thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution and southern state governments were sans given rule to revamp them.
As an aftereffect of Johnson 's tolerance, numerous southern states in 1865 and 1866 effectively ordered a new set of laws that were to be followed by the government, which were aimed at making sure that Black African Americans would not be able to
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However, in light of facts that have been made evident through the legacy of reconstruction, it can be said without doubt in conclusion that the legacy of reconstruction is positive due to the fact that it allowed three important amendments to be made which allowed the United States of America to become the land of the free, the land of the immigrants, and a place which people would alter on go on to call the land of freedom due to the abolishment of slavery and equal rights that the legacy of reconstruction allowed to take

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